Backer is a Web3-native platform for creator patronage developed as part of the EthGlobal Hackathon by Mark Carey. The platform is an alternative to Patreon that allows the ability for individuals to directly support creators, without needing payment processing intermediaries like Stripe or PayPal. Instead, payments are streamed using Superfluid-- and even allows for the creators native social/ community token to be streamed back to supporters in return.

Unlock Protocol is used to facilitate the patronage membership, with each tier of support represented by a different lock. This allows membership to be represented by an NFT key which can grant different kinds of access, as well as different amount of the creators native tokens streaming back to the supporters wallet.


-Create your own ERC20 token with pre-minted supply
-Choose the token you want to be paid in (ie. DAI)Create multiple memberships tiers. Backers choose a tier with a monthly rate but pay through real-time money streams using the Superfluid Protocol. Get paid every second.
-Active Backers get your token streamed to them in real-time. Each tier defines a multiplier that determines how many tokens they receive. For example, a stream of 5 DAI per month for a tier with a multiplier of 2 will receive 10 tokens per month, streamed in real-time.
-When Backers cancel their stream, the token stream automatically stops immediately, and the Unlock key is revoked
-Create a profile page with that displays information, images, links, and your tiers. Send prospective Backers to your profile page so thay can back you.
-Admin dashboard includes stats, graphs, member list and forms for adding tiers, editing profile, adding team members, withdrawing funds, and granting tokens.