Dinner DAO is a supper club for online friends (old and new) in real life. Starting in NYC with 8 people, the group represents membership with an Unlock NFT. The group has since grown to include other chapters across the country, each with their own membership NFT created through Unlock.

Here's how it works:

Members join a chapter by purchasing a season pass NFT.

Funds are pooled in a shared treasury (dinnerdao.eth)

Unlock NFT allows for gated access to the Dinner DAO’s private Discord channels

Members vote on dinner proposals via snapshot

Dinner is paid in $USDC with a Coinbase debit card, and that user is reimbursed through the collective treasury.


Although it's a simple application, it shows that NFTs can act as ways to represent membership within groups, and have special utility and function-- like gated access to group chats, voting, or other digital/ physical spaces.


Currently in NYC, LA, and Portland, the Dinner DAO seeks to continue to expand as a global decentralized social club.


Each new Discord server member claims a location which gives them a role. When new Dinner DAO chapter memberships are available, they are sold using a purchase link generated through the Unlock Creator Dashboard.

Voting on Snapshot uses the ERC-721 voting strategy which allows for holders of a specific NFT to vote and create proposals. This is how Dinner DAO uses their NFT memberships as a tool to self-govern their community.